important things which should be tested in your e-commerce Mobile applications

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    Mary Sopna

    important things which should be tested in your e-commerce Mobile applications



    Dear Sopna,
    1) Testing Ecommerce Application’s Functionality

    An ecommerce web or mobile application has four important elements in its structure, and they are:
    Main Pages – Homepage, Product page, Special Offers, About Us page, Sitemap pages, Privacy Policy page, Press Releases page, etc.
    Category / Product Type Pages – The product page consists of options such as product size, color, and type. There is sorting feature to filter out products based on price, model, size, etc. There is also “Add to Cart” or “Add to Wishlist” feature present in the category pages.
    Product Description Page – Consists of product title, description, product images, related products, Add to Cart feature, Product comparison, additional product info, etc.
    Shopping Cart – Products list view, removing product from the list, cash on delivery option, Select delivery option, card payment, pay now option, etc.
    Before you conduct functionality testing, we need to understand the ecommerce website or application very well. The above mentioned features are commonly found on all ecommerce applications, yet most of them are customized as per business requirements.

    2) Testing Ecommerce Application Workflow

    The testing of the complete workflow of your ecommerce web/mobile application consists of:
    Login and Signup options
    Search functionality
    Product review posting feature
    Sorting feature
    Applying filters for choosing desired product(s)
    Add/remove functionality in the shopping cart
    Check out process
    Order number and invoice generation
    Payment gateway and payment processing

    3) Payment Gateway Functionality

    Another important functionality to test is the payment gateway and you have to conduct multiple tests to ensure it functions properly and provides security while doing online transactions. Here are the checkout and payment processes that you need to test:
    You need to check the product price is correct, shipping charge, VAT, discount codes all are applied and the price customer has to pay is the right amount. You can test this payment process by making changes in the final list of products, applying different discount coupon codes, choosing different region to see the change in shipping charges.
    You need to check whether the payment is processed correctly, by using all kinds of payment methods such as net banking, Credit/Debit card, PayPal, etc. You can check all these using dummy accounts and demo debit/credit card numbers. Also, you need to check whether the orders are cancelled, and the payment ID sent back.
    Check whether the invoice and emails generated after the payment process are sent.
    You need to also ensure the refund process, email, and refund receipt all are working properly.

    4) Performing Security and Vulnerability Assessments

    Since ecommerce applications hold valuable information (customer’s personal and banking data) you need to conduct security testing to check for security and vulnerability issues in them. You can use testing methods like SQL Injections, ethical hacks on Login, Register, Payment gateway, and other various pages.

    5) Checking Compatibility with Web Browsers

    It is important for ecommerce applications to work on all types of web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. You need to test the browser compatibility of the application to make sure that your customers are able to use your ecommerce website without any hassle.

    6) Testing for Mobile Responsiveness

    Nowadays, mobile devices are taking over desktop platforms in terms of internet usage and companies are taking mobile-first approach in their ecommerce applications. You need to test the responsive design of your application in mobile devices of various screen sizes.

    7) Checking Performance and SEO-related Things

    Another important thing you need to test is the performance of your ecommerce website/application. You need to conduct performance testing on parameters such as webpage loading speed, throughput, data transfer rate, efficiency, uptime, database performance, website traffic load tolerance, error messages, etc.
    You need to make your ecommerce website is having high search engine visibility so that you can get considerable user traffic to your site. You can do this by implement search engine optimization (SEO) on your website. You need to test whether SEO strategies such as title tags, meta-descriptions, URL structure, image alt tags, etc are implemented correctly.

    8) Other Common Things to be Tested

    There are other common things in your ecommerce application you need to test and they include website content, webpage format, website accessibility, cookies, social buttons, adding/deleting content, removing/adding links, web standards, analytics, and making changes to shipping settings.

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