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    I am trying to setup PayPal Payments Advanced however I am hitting a wall, the payments are going though they get approved but no information for address or customer name are being sent over to Paypal.

    I am looking in Paypal manager and there is so many options in there that I have not clue how to fill them, the section “Display options on payment page” does not have any information and I am guessing there should be items in there that redirect information back and forth to Paypal.

    Anyhow this is a cluster fu@* pardon my language but is very frustrating, this is something that Prestashop should have spot on and put more attention into, this is the payment method for our shops this is actual money is ridiculous that is so complicated to setup and so little support for it.

    I got lost trying to find the “cancel url and error url” :(

    Hope someone has some clues on how to get this going. Thank you.


    I take it that you are using paypal pro api. Is your integration working in paypal sandbox setup ?



    no is not paypal pro is PayPal Payments Advanced, yes sandbox works and live works I did test it with my visa card I did a purchase of $1 it went though and worked however the issue is that I just entered the CC number and CCV and it accepted the payment it didn’t ask for my CC address, name or for that matter anything else, when I check in PayPal it says “payment from noprovided” and the seller protection is non eligible, since it didn’t capture any name or address if I try to print a mailing label in Paypal I can’t there is no address, I am surprised it took the payment at all without any information.



    thank you for the help and the document, I saw the “Legacy Parameter and New API Parameter” and I have no clue where those parameters live or how to edit them, the Prestashop module does not give you to many options more than let you choose what type of Paypal do you want to use, I am sure there is a file somewhere buried in PS where you can change parameters however I do not know where further more that document is more of a general guide from Paypal, I wish there was a guide tailored for PS users where it gives specific instructions on how to set this darn thing to work properly.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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