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    john mike

    I have purchased Modulebazaar marketplace extension.


    We have found some serious bugs on coding level. If multiple sellers are trying to upload their profile image with same image name (for eg. images.jpeg) the image is overwriting in the same folder.

    It happens because you are not renaming the file while uploading images. There is following code :


    It should be as follow :

    $uploader->save($path, $name);
    $new_image_name = $uploader->getUploadedFileName();

    Reason : You have given setAllowRenameFiles function as false instead of setting it to TRUE.
    $new_image_name should be save in database as the new image name.

    The same defect is happening in product upload which is affecting seriously on the website as the required image of a product is overwritten by the latest image uploaded with same name in the same folder.
    Can anyone help me on this issue?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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